I'm a UX Engineer based in Seattle specializing in front end development and UX design. I build solutions for problems where user experience, visual aesthetics and technology intersect—from design to development.

My story

My journey started with studying design along with some computer science knowledge from high school. Overtime, I've learned to build design prototypes, delving more into front end development and here I am today!

Throughout my career, I have built experiences on a diverse range of digital solutions including small to large scale websites, mobile applications, interactive kiosks, data visualization tools, and technical orchestration platforms. I look forward to utilizing my skills in both design and development to deliver more work that create meaningful impacts on the stories around our lives.

There's a variety of web technologies that I know, but these are my favorite ones
Work experience
2023 — Present
Allen Institute - Brain Science

Working on building and designing tools on Brain Knowledge Portal.

2021 — 2023
Amazon - IMDb.com

Worked for video experiences across IMDb pages including: feature development, technical design, bug fixes, unit testing and operational tasks.

2020 — 2021
Amazon - AWS

Contributed to the UI migration and implementation of improved customer experiences for the initial launch of the Elastic Containers Service console v2 in 2020.

2017, 2018 — 2020
Boeing (with iSoftStone)
React Native

Supported design and development for various Boeing Research and Development projects. Established design system, produced video and UX prototypes for next generations smart cabin experience features in IoT space for passengers and flight crew.

A little more about me
Graduate of Interactive Media Design at University of Washington Bothell
Favorite magic juice is Piña Colada or anything with ginger beer
My top five favorite games with more than hundred hours: Slay the Spire, Baldur's Gate III, Divinity: Original Sin II, Tears of the Kingdom, Breath of the Wild
I can't play Minecraft for more than twenty minutes because of motion sickness.