Smart Cabin

modernizing next generations in-flight cabin experience with IoT

what I did mobile + web development, ui/ux design, video prototyping
tech/tools Node.js Express.js React React Native Docker Redis
timeframe 2017 - 2020

The Boeing Smart Cabin is an interior mock-up of an airplane cabin featuring software and hardware in an internet of things space that modernizes the next generations cabin experience

what I did

I was responsible for web and mobile applications development, ui/ux design and media assets production that support customer facing products and niche development tools in aerospace industry. I also collaborated with back end developers and embedded software engineers to maintain back end services.

Due to NDA I am not allowed to disclose detailed assets and information of my work other than what are currently public demonstrated.

cabin internal screenshots screenshots from Crystal Cabin Award 2019 video

integrating IoT into flight experience

The cabin operates under a data-driven, IoT space in a 787 Dreamliner cabin. All components and analytics are digitally managed through applications, from lights to seats, from windows to lavatories. The implemented technologies are designed to create a more delightful in-flight experience for the passengers and a more efficient management system for the flight crew. The Boeing Smart Cabin was also a Crystal Cabin Award 2019 Visionary Concept Cabin Finalist.

Our team also created flexible solutions that allow cabin space customizations for Boeing's partner. I took lead in designing and building the front end for a tool that encourages user engagement in leveraging technology to maximize their branding initiatives.

public demonstration

In 2019, some of the technologies from the Smart Cabin are taken onto the ecoDemonstrator 777 plane, a flying test bed for 50 different projects. ecoDemonstrator 2019 is a program that accelerates innovation. Taking promising technologies out of the lab and testing them in the air to solve real-world challenges for airlines, passengers and the environment.